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Tasmania 40 Degrees South magazine

Tasmania 40 Degrees South magazine

Tasmania 40 Degrees South magazine
Tasmania 40 Degrees South magazine
Tasmania 40 Degrees South magazine
Tasmania 40 Degrees South magazine


Does this island simply hold a special spot in your heart? Or are you a Tasmanian, proud of your home state or considering moving?

It's the home of VisitVineyards.com and we think it's a very special place so together with Tasmania 40 Degrees South, we're offering VisitVineyards.com Subscribers and Members the opportunity to receive a free issue of our state's flagship magazine.

Tasmania, once only known for apples, convicts, controversial dams and as the butt of many jokes (we know them all), has matured with a strong reputation built on fine cool climate wines, gourmet food, the arts and our wonderful beaches, landscape and wilderness. (Not to mention the cleanest air and water on earth.) 

Add in a relaxed lifestyle and many talented locals (some have only recently chosen to make the state their home but are already entrenched) and there is plenty of material for a world-class journal.

Between the covers of every issue of Tasmania 40 Degrees South lie many hours of absorbing reading accompanied by stunning photographs. Topics are as diverse as wooden boats and hand-crafted shoes, food, wine,craft and wilderness to economic reports by one of Tasmania's more well-known ex-pats, Saul Eslake, and - being an island - the subject of climate change, its research and ramifications, is also covered from a range of perspectives.

There are profiles and quirky articles, historical tales and inspiring stories all combining in a magazine that is quite timeless. It can be pored over many months years later with the content remaining interesting and a feast for the eyes and intellect.


To receive an issue of Tasmania 40 Degrees South, just tell us why you consider yourself a Tasmanian or why this island state means something special to you - or simply why you'd like to see one yourself. Fill in the form below or email us at giveaways@VisitVineyards.com and we'll send you a copy - it's easy!

We'll be awarding a copy to every worthy entry while stocks last, so start thinking about the best of Tasmania and enter now. Open to all VisitVineyards.com subscribers and Members wherever you may live around the globe.


Please note: by applying you consent to your entry details being provided to Tasmania 40 Degrees South for delivery of the magazine.


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